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African Drumming Workshop with Koffie 2020

Come and join African Drumming  Workshop in Rotorua ♫ Beginners welcome ! No need any music experiences or drumming and dance experiences. Everyone can learn African drumming and dance from Koffie, and everyone can have a happy time together 🎶


Also you can enjoy performances of Drumming & Dance with Koffie and "Kadodo" performance group.


Kododo West African Drum N' Dance perfoms and teaches traditional West African drumming, dance and singing throughout New Zealand. Kadodo is led by Robert "Koffie" Fugah, a master-drymmer, dancer and story-teller from Ghana, whose captivating cultural shows, performances and workshops impress all those who are have the chance to see him. Anyone who sees a Kadodo performance leaves with a smile on their face and bounce in their step.




Hiroe K-Howell

021 035 2815





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